StarrSafety: Protection Redefined

"StarrSafety's main mission is providing safety, rescue and environmental monitoring equipment to help make your job site profitable and safe, every day, always. " -Jeremy Starr, QSSP

Based in Rochester, NY, StarrSafety was created in 2018 to address a market problem in safety: Accessibility. There are more manufacturer's than ever and yet it has only become harder to get the equipment job sites need, when they need it.
StarrSafety changes this by offering only the top-rated brands using the highest quality of materials for their products making it easier than ever to stay safe, and stay profitable.


What You'll Find On StarrSafety


Quality Protection

Offering protection and safety products from top-rated brands such as Pelican, 3M, MSA, Du Pont and more, StarrSafety does not sell anything but the best for you, your team, and your job site.

Professional Recommendations

StarrSafety is run by professionals in the Safety industry offering products they themselves use at home and at the job site. If it is being sold, our team is not only familiar with it- but trusts their lives with it.